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Medical Posters

Medical and anatomy posters are used by educational organisations and medical professionals to provide vital information to patients and students. Posters include detailed anatomical charts for classrooms and doctors’ offices, informational posters for waiting rooms, as well as acupuncture and acupressure charts. The medical and anatomy posters feature detailed illustrations alongside information text.

The Brain Explained

Introduction to the Bioimaging Centre

Spot the Difference

Human Immune Cell Lineage & Antigen Expression

Monkeys: A Window into How Our Brain Functions

The Faces of Meth

Audit of Reports of CT Brain Scans for Suspected Dementia

Principal Component Analysis

The Immune Response

Under 18. No Alcohol. The Safest Choice.

Immune Cell Markers

Modeling Brain Pathways Using Functional Mediation

Holistic Needs Assessment in Brain Cancer Patients:
A Systematic Review of Available Tools 

Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader

Metabolic Pathways

Cellular Respiration

Pathways in Human Cancer

Inside the Brain

I Thought I Was Invincible Before My Brain Injury

Getting to Know and Love Your Brain

Know Stroke

Road Map to a Healthy Brain

CHO Cell Clone Identification and Tracking Using Functional
Phenotype Array Profiling

The Anatomy of Anxiety

3D Electron Tomography of Switchgrass Cell Wall
Deconstruction by Clostridium Cellulolyticum

Innovative Technology that Enables RNAi in Difficult to Transfect Cells

MR Imaging Visualization of Brain Anatomy

Targeting Cancer with a Novel BET Bromodomain Inhibitor

The History of Antibodies

Support of Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Innate Immune Functions in Vitro and Vivo by Immunel…

The Illuminated Cell

Stem Cells and Development

Solid Tumour Growth and Invasion

The Human Cell

Development of a Novel Nanoparticle-based GMP

Loss and Retention of Mutations in Cell Culture Model System

School-Based Brain Health Curriculum

Building Three-Dimensional Human Brain Organoids

3-D Reconstruction of Neuroanatomical Features in Honeybee…

Allogeneic TCRα/CS1 Double Knockout T-cells Bearing an…

The CULTEX® RFS Compact…

Selective Depletion Alloreactive…

Creating a Cardiomyocyte Pipeline for Gene Edited Human iPSCs

How Brain Rest Works For Recovery

In Vitro Evaluation of Injectable Placental Tissue-Derived
Products for Interventional Orthopedics

The Use of UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy in the Development Of High Efficiency PV Solar Cells

CD4+ T Cell Differentiation

Combined Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC)…

Superior Perfomance of Stemfit…

Sex and the Connectome

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