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English Literature Posters

English literature posters are designed for use in a learning environment to enhance teaching and learning of English literature. These posters teach students about writing and literature, giving information and advice about general skills, as well as addressing specific authors and texts, providing critical facts and information. The posters can be used for a range of age groups, exam levels, and abilities, and are designed to brighten up a classroom, whilst also be educational tools.

Aldous Huxley

Annabel Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird

A Christmas Carol

Edgar  Allan Poe

Cenzorship Is The Child Of Fear And The Father Of Ignorance

Emily Dickinson

Charlotte Brante

Rules of Dialogue

Shakespeare and the Supernatural

The Cask of Amontillado

Close Encounters With Vocabulary

Double Think

A Tale of Two Cities

Fire and Ice

The Great Gatsby


Creative Hook

In Love With Literature

Romeo & Juliet

Statistics Out of Context

Lasting Impression

Lord of the Flies

Mark Twain

Proofing Checklist

Proofing Checklist

The Raven

Romeo & Juliet

Even More Transitional Words & Phrases


Latin and Greek Roots , Prefixes and Suffixes

Celebrating Women in Literature

The Top Ten Greek Root Words

The Top Ten Latin Root Words

Transitional Words & Phrases

More Transitional Words & Phrases

The Woke Poet – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Oscar Wilde- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Edgar Allan Poe-The Raven

The Lamb by William Blake

Techniques of Propaganda & Persuasion

The Tell-Tale Heart


The Tyger by William Blake

Romeo & Juliet

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Frederick Douglass

Ernest Hemingway

Eric Arthur Blair

African American Literature

Ralph Ellison

African American Literature

Ten Dystopian Novels for High School Students

Ten Novel Reading Challenge

African American Literature

Harper Lee

Ray Bradbury

Robert Frost-Road Not Taken

Stephen Crane-Should The Wide World Roll Away

Wilfred Owen-Spring Offensive

Myths And Legends

What is a Poem?

The Artist by Oscar Wilde

Top Ten Books with Great Vocabulary

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