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Health and Fitness Posters

Health and fitness posters are a good way to convey important information about diet, exercise, and other vital parts of living a healthy and happy life. These posters are designed to offer facts and advice about what makes a healthy lifestyle, and what doesn’t, and offers readers tips on how to improve. There is a range of posters available with a variety of designs, though they are all vibrant and clear, in order to be read at a distance, and to add a flair to any appropriate space, including classrooms or gyms. Health and fitness posters are suitable for any appropriate space and for people of any ages, with some aimed at use in schools, and others for adults in gyms and similar environments.

Feeling Stressed?

Free Activity Program

Have You Had Any Activity Today?

Hey- How About the Stairs?

Do Some Reps..

Do You Want to Reduce Stress & Tension?

For a Better Healthier Tomorrow

Fight Fat. Feel Fit. Frequent These Flights

No Waiting One Door Over

No Time For Activity? Your Opportunity Is Now!

Physical Activity Will Add Years to Your Life And Life to Your Years

Raise Your Fitness Level One Step At a Time

Sneak Activity Into Your Daily Routine.

Skip The Elevator And Take a Flight For Your Health

Step Up to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Small Steps Make Big Differences

The Cheapest Gym Anywhere- The Stairs!

The First Wealth Is Health.

The Victory is Not Always to the Swift,But to Those Who Keep Moving.

There Are 1440 Minutes In Every Day. Schedule 30 of Them For Physical Activity

Want to Help Control Your Weight?

Walk Stair. Burn Calories.Feel Better.Weight Less. Simple , Isn’t It?

Your Heart Needs Physical Activity. Here’s Your Chance.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do.

When You Go Up Your Blood Pressure Goes Down.

A Flight A Day May Keep Chronic Disease Away.

Walking Up Stairs Burns Almost 5 Times More Calories Than Riding An Elevator

In One Minute a 150-lb Person Burns Approximately 10 Calories Walking Up stairs…

Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Everyday Stretches

Do  You Get 30 Minutes Of Moderate Physical Activity Every Day?

12- Week Guide to Healthy Walking

12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work

Smart Tips For Moving More

Why Move More?

Physical Activity Pyramid

You First

The Food Pyramid

Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Things You Need to Know About Mental Wellbeing

5-2-1 – Almost None , Staying Healthy , by the Numbers

5-2-1 – Almost None , Staying Healthy , by the Numbers

What’s In The Nutrition Label?

Eating Smart On The Run. Eatimg Out… Choosing the Right Size

Eating Smart On The Run. Take It With You…Create Your Own Snack Bag

Eating Smart On The Run. Eating Out…Making Healthy Choices

Tha Label Language

Remember Portion Size – Buy a Kid – Size Meal and Enjoy the Toy!

Smart Ways to Right – Size Your Portions

Tasty Tips For Eating Smart at Work

Tasty Tips For Smarter Snacking

Eating Fast Foods The Healthy “Weigh”

What Counts as a Serving?

Water. Just Drink It!

Brown Bag Day – The Healthy Way

Food Portions

Moving More , Everyday , Everywhere

Eat Right!

The First Wealth is Health.

Are You Taking Smart Steps to Your Health?

Start Your Engines With a Healthy Breakfast!

“You Don’t Stop Playing Because You Grow Old You Grow Old Because You Stop Playing.” – Ben Franklin

“Given What We Know About The Health Benefits Of Physical Activity,…”

“Those Who Do Not Find Time To Exercise,Sooner Or Later Will Have to Find Time For Illness.” – Earl of Derby

“I’ve been On a Diet For Two Weeks and All I’ve Lost is Two Weeks.” – Totie Fields

“I Saw a Few Die of Hunger , of Eating , a Hundred Thousand.” – Benjamin Franklin

“You Don’t Have to Cook Fancy or Complicated Masterpieces – Just Good Foods From Fresh Ingerdients.” – Julia Child

“We Never Repent of Having Eaten Too Little.” – Thomas Jefferson

“He That Takes Medicine And Neglects Diet Wastes The Skills Of The Physician.” – Chinese Proverb

“Those Who Think They Have No Time For Healthy Eating ,Will Sooner Or Later Have to Find Tiem For Illness.” – Edward Stanley

“The Wise Man Should Consider That Health is The Greatest of Human Blessings. Let Food Be Your Medicine.” – Hippocrates

“Never Eat More Than You Can Lift.” – Miss Piggy

Eat a Rainbow

Eat a Rainbow

Healthy Drink Awards

Healthy Drink Awards

Start Your Engines With a Healthy Breakfast!

Fighting Flu Takes A Shot And More

Healthy Habits = Healthy Defenses Against Flu

Take Control Live Well

“The First Wealth Is Health.”- Ralph Woldo Emerson

“We Are What We Repeatedly Do.” – Aristotle

“You Can’t Change Where You Came from. You Can Change Where You Are Going.” – Anonymous

“To Eat Is a Necessity , But To Eat Intelligently is An Art.” – La Rochefoucauld

“It  is Easier To Maintain Good Health Than It Is To Recover It.” – Antonia Novello

“If Exercise Could Be Purchased In a Pill, it Would Be The Singel Most Widely Prescribed And Beneficial Medicine In The Nation.” – Robert H. Butler

“It’s Never Too Late To Begin!” – Paffenbarger , 1993

“I Have Two Doctors – My Left Leg And My Right Leg.” – George Trevelyan

“Movement Is The Celebration Of Life.” – John Selland

“The Only Exercise Some People Get Is Jumping To Conclusion ,…” – Author Unknown

“If  You Are Seeking Creative Ideas , Go Out Walking…” – Raymond Inmon

“Most Americans Know More About How To Earn a Living Than About How To Live.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Tomorrow , Try a Healthy Breakfast.

Now Is The Time…Live Well

Now Is The Time…Live Well

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