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ICT and Computing Posters

ICT and computing posters provide basic information about dealing with computers, and set out guidelines, rules, help and advice about general good practice, and essential programmes and functions. The posters can reinforce central parts of the curriculum, and key rules to ensure proper use of technology and safety online, and are particularly great for beginners. These posters are vibrant, bright, and interesting, and are simple and clear, being suitable for a range of ages and learning environments.

Leave Tricky Stuff To The Experts

Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

High Capacity Wi-Fi 101

Save, Print, Open ,New

Tablet Rules, iPad Rules

Computer Keyboard

A Recipe for a Safer Internet

“With 3D Printing,We Can Actually Create Structures that Are More Intricate Than Any Other Manufacturing Technology – Or , In Fact , Are Impossible to Build in Any Other Way” (Lisa Harouni)

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