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Personal Hygiene Posters

Personal Hygiene is vital in the workplace to avoid the spread of germs and ensure the environment is a pleasant place to work. Personal Hygiene Posters encourage covering your cough, office etiquette, brushing your teeth and smoking. These posters are useful for any office, industry or workplace to ensure all employees are aware of expectations, look after themselves and protect their colleagues.

Germs Love Moisture

Don`t Let Them Divide and Conquer

How Many Have You Held Today

It Only Takes 30 Seconds

Hundreds Have Grabbed that Handle

Germs Are Big Commuters

Wrap it and Bin it

Office Pantry Do`s and Don`ts

Office Etiquette for a Better Office

Cover Your Cough

Cover Your Cough and Sneeze the Right Way

7 Golden Rules of  Workplace  Hygiene

 Golden Rules of  Workplace  Hygiene-Stop the Germ Invasion

 Get a Cough? Cover It.

 Cover Your Cough

 Cover Your Cough and Sneeze

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough or Sneeze

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Mouth When You Cough or Sneeze-If You Use Your Hands,Then Wash Them Please

 Cover Your Cough and Sneeze

  Cough Etiquette

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough 

 Cover Your Cough and Sneeze

 Do You Have a Cough or Cold?

 Prescription Drugs

 Winter Illness Checklist

 Sugar & Children`s Oral Health

 Top Tips For Teeth


Brush Up on Healthy Teeth

Brush ,Floss,Rinse ,Chew

Giant Sneeze – What`s in a Sneeze

Do You Need Immunisation?

Take Care of Your Teeth

Been a While Since You Smiled?

How to Handrub?

How to Handwash?

Look Out For…Tips For a Monster-Free Mouth

Drugs + Your Body- It Isn`t Pretty

Mumps,Measles,Whooping Cough

Food Hygiene Tips

Wash Your Hands,Cover Your Cough,Stay Home When You`re Sick,Get Vaccinated

Skin Care

A Guide to Personal Hygiene

Guidelines for Handwashing With Soap

Brushing Your Teeth

Why Do Children Need Fluoride?

Help Protect Our Residents

Hand Hygiene

You Can Keep Your Child`s Smile Healthy!

Winners Share the Ball,Not Their Germs

Make Brushing Amazing to Help Ensure Lasting,Healthy Smiles

Step by Step Brushing Our Teeth

He Couldn`t Sneeze Into His Elbow.

Be a Tooth Defender!

Catch It,Bin It,Kill It

Hand Washing With Liquid Soap and Clean Water

We Should Practice Daily Personal Hygiene

Method of Handwashing

Vomiting at Work is Just Not Cool

Germs Blend Into the Scenery

Germs Love Your Stuff

“5 Second Rule??” Know That Your Fod is Safe

Germs…They`re Small,But They`re Tough

Preventing Infections can be Exhausting…

If Germs Looked Like This,We`d All be Cleaner

“C’mon Germs,You Wanna Piece of This?”

Keeping Clean…

Germs Travel too

Happiness is: Love,Health,People Who Clean Their Hands

When Did You Last Clean Your Phone?

“Happiness Every Time I Get a Bath…”

Infection Prevention Takes a Load Off

“I Swear…I Will Clean My Paws Before Stealing Food

Bacteria Learn

Don`t Stick Your Neck Out

Germs Love Public Transport

“Thanks for the Snack – I Left You a Little Gift”

Healthcare-Associated Infections

This Is For You Germs

The Only Safe Way to Pick Your Nose

“The Paperboy`s Hands Have Been Where???”

Cover Your Sneeze Please

Influenza Hides in Plain Sight

“Lovin’ My Infection-Free Life “

Oral Hygiene Level Maintenance Among Dental Medicine Students

Do You Feel Sick?

Caring for Children with Coughs

Wash,Wipe,Cover…Don`t Infect Another!

Personal Hygiene

An Uncovered Cough or Sneeze…

Healthy Selfie…Infection-Free

When You Fly,Germs Fly With You

Deflated by Influenza

Fewer Infections Means More Time for Snuggling

No Trauma…No Drama…Just Good Personal Hygiene

Just Looking In? Please Disinfect Your Hands On the Way Out

Drink Well,Eat Well,Clean Well

Oral Care of the Mechanically Ventillated Patient

Mouth Care is Important!

Did You Wash Your Hands?

When You Smoke,Your Kids Smoke Too!

Key Recommendation for Hygiene and Infection Control in Veterinary Practice

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