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Hand Hygiene & Wash Your Hands Posters

Good hand hygiene is a fantastic preventative tool to stop the spread of germs and disease. Use our Wash Your Hands Posters for clear advice on how to wash your hands thoroughly, as well as reminders of the importance of clean hands, where germs can lie, undetected, and how easy it is for germs to spread. Stop germs and stay healthy with our Hand Hygiene Posters.

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Spreading Germs is Out. Handwashing is In!

What Have You Touched Today?

What Have You Touched Today?

Wash Your Hands After Using the Toilet

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

How to Handrub?

Stop Germs! Stay Healthy! Wash Your Hands

Your 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene

Your 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene

5 Common Ways Germs are Spread

Clean Your Hands

Don`t let them Divide and Conquer

Germs Are Big Commuters

Germs Love Moisture

How Many Have You Held Today

Hundreds Have Grabbed that Handle

It Only Takes 30 Seconds

When Should I Wash My Hands?

Clean Your Hands

Wash Your Hands!

Stop the Spread of Germs! Wash Your Hands

Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

Global Handwashing Day

“And You Didn`t Clean Your Hands Why?”

This is My “I-can`t-Believe-you-didn`t Clean-your-hands” Stare

Happiness is : Love,Health,People Who Clean Their Hands

Clean Hands…Better Vacations

Clean Hands…Better Job

I Care About Your Health…It`s Ok to Ask if I`ve Cleaned My Hands

I Care About Your Health…It`s Ok to Ask if I`ve Cleaned My Hands

Clean Hands…Longer Life

Don`t Infect – Protect

Don`t Be Off Hand – Care About Hand Hygiene

Are You Unclear? Know the Procedure Like the Back of Your Hand

Clean Hands Are Sexy!

Clean Sweep

A Whole World in Your Hands

Have U Washed Your Hands 2Day?

6 Steps to Successful Hand Washing

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Keep Calm and Celebrate Global Handwashing Day

Remember to Wash Your Hands Before You Eat or Touch Food

Remember to Wash Your Hands Before You Eat or Touch Food

On Each Square Centimeter of Your Skin There Are About 1,500 Bacteria.

An Average of 229,000 Germs Per Square Inch on Frequently Touched Faucet Handles

Hand Cleaning Techniques

When to Wash Your Hands!

Do You Have Any Idea What Germs Could be on Your Hands?

Remember to Wash Your Hands!

Caring Hands-Clean Hands

Caring Hands-Clean Hands

Hand Washing Only

Employees Must Wash Hands

Washing Your Hands

I`m a Fan of Handwashing

Dispose of Gloves Immediately After Providing Care

Don`t Forget to Wash

Handwashing With a Nail Brush

Did You Wash Your Hands?


Generation Touch

Clean Your Hands Right Before Eating!


Soap or Sanitizer:Which is Best?

Nice Manicure.Even Better Hiding Place.

Eating Lunch at Your Desk? How Clean are that Keyboard and Mouse?

Clean Hands save Lives

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