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Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are designed to succinctly communicate instructions to visitors. These signs use simple commands and pictures to easily communicate their message. This type of sign is required to be on a blue background and usually features a white safety symbol or simple picture illustration. While mandatory signs are not required by law, they are helpful to simply communicate what actions are required to people in your workplace. Examples of mandatory signs include ‘keep clear’, ‘keep locked’, and ‘report to reception upon arrival’.

Foot Protection Must Be Worn In This Area

Hearing And Eye Protection Must Be Worn In This Area

Head Protection  Must Be Worn In This Area

Hand Protection  Must Be Worn In This Area

High Visibility Clothing Or Vest Must Be Worn 

Hearing And Eye Protection Must Be Worn In This Area

Eye Protection Must Be Worn 

Connect An Earth Terminal To The Ground

Guards Must Be Used At All Times

Hard Hat Area

High Visibility Jacket Must Be Worn

Keep Locked

Keep This Area Litter Free

Lifejackets To Be Worn

Lift Heavy Objects Correctly

Now Wash Your Hands

Opaque Eye Protection Must Be Worn

Protective Clothing Must Be Worn

Radiation Dosimeter Must Be Worn At All Times

Respirators Must Be Worn

Safety Gloves Must Be Worn

Safety Harness Must Be Worn

Sound Horn Here

Turn Off When Not In Use

Use Barrier Cream

Use Guard

Wash Your Hands

Eye Protection Must Be Worn

Wear a Mask

Wear Face Guard

Wear Face Mask

Wear Face Shield

Wear Hairnets

Wear Helmet While Welding

Wear High Visibility Jacket

Wear Protective Gloves

Wear Respiratory Protection

Wear Safety Belts

Wear Safety Footwear

Wear Safety Harness

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