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Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are common safety signs that are designed to prohibit certain actions or behaviours that are likely to cause potential danger. By law, prohibition signs are required to be red, with these signs depicting an action within a red circle with a diagonal line across it. A prohibition sign depicts only what or who is forbidden, and are usually accompanied by a short ‘no’ or ‘do not’ instruction. Popular examples of prohibition signs include: ‘no access’, ‘do not run’, ‘no dogs’, and ‘do not use mobile phones’. These various prohibition signs are often used in areas to prevent certain actions which may cause harm, or to limit undesirable behaviours.

Camera Phones Prohibited

Cars Prohibited

Pedestrians Prohibited

Strictly No Admittance 

No Surfboarding

No Swimming

No Water Skiing

No Windsurfing

No Drinking

No Eating

No Exit

No Fishing

No Food or Drink

No Forklifts Beyond this Point

No Fouling

No Hoods

No Infatables in the Water

No Ladders

No Motorised Craft

No Naked Flames

No Outdoor Footwear

No Personal Water Craft to be Used

No Photography

No Rowing

No Sailing

No Smoking

No Snorkling Equipment

No Sub Aqua Equipment 

Do Not Oil or Clean When in Use

Do Not Open

Do Not Ride on Hoist

Do Not Run

Do Not Touch

Do Not Touch When in Use

Do Not Turn Off

Do Not Use Horn

No Aerosols

No Alcohol Permitted

No Caps

No Crossing

No Cycles

No Diving

No Dogs

Open Flames Prohibited

No Guns Allowed

No Bully Zone

Bullying Stops Here!

Stop Bullying Now!

No Bullying Safe School Zone

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