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Hazard Signs

Electrical Hazard

Electrical Hazard

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Waste

Tripping Hazard

Trip Hazard

Radiation Hazard

Beware Shallow Water

Cancerous Material

Caution Battery Charging Area

Caution Stairs

Danger High Voltage

Danger of Death

Trip Hazard

Guard Dogs

High Noise Level

Laser in Operation


Warning Counterrotating Rollers

Warning Flammable Material

Warning Industrial Vehicles Operating in Area

Warning Non Ionizing Radiation

Warning Oxidising Material

Warning You Are Entering an Area Where Tobacco Smoke May be Present


Danger of Falling Objects

Low Temperature

Warning Crushing of Hands

Warning Low Temperatures and Freezing Conditions

Warning Magnetic Field

Warning Slippery Surface

Warning Sudden Drop

Warning Toxic Material

Beware Sudden Drop

Warning Guard Dog

Beware Rowing Area

Beware Slipway

Beware Windsurfing Area

Caution Corrosive Substance

Caution Fixed Overhead Hazard

Caution Fragile Roof

Caution Laser Beam

Caution Slippery Surface

Danger Harmful

Danger of Crushing

Risk of Explosion

Warning Automatic Start Up

Warning Corrosive Substance

Warning Electricity

Warning Overhead Loads

Warning Oxidizing Substance

Warning Sharp Elements


Beware Diving Area

Beware Strong Currents

Biological Hazard

Caution Compressed Gas

Danger Bull

Danger Highly Flammable

Danger Ionizing Radiation

Danger of Falling

Danger Overhead Crane

Danger Overhead Load

Explosive Material

Inhalation Hazard

Non Ionizing Radiation Hazard

Warning Floor Level Obstacle

Warning Optical Radiation


Beware Deep Water

Beware Surfboarding Area

Beware Thin Ice

Caution Optical Radiation

Caution Hot Liquids

Caution Laser Beam

Danger Hot Surface


Low Headroom

Warning Strong Magnetic Field

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